Learn the strategies that top Amazon sellers are using to increase the profits and stay ahead of their competition with Split Testing

Master Amazon Split Testing To Maximize Your Profits

Hurry, You Are Leaving Money On The Table

Convert More Sales 
Learn the top 3 reasons why split tests are invaluable to increasing your sales
Optimize For Mobile
Learn the best practices for optimizing your tests for mobile vs desktop traffic
Improve Your ROI
How optimizing your price will have the biggest impact on your overall ROI
A/B Testing 101
A/B testing basics, best practices and secret hacks we learned when optimizing our own listings
Statistical Significance Defined

Understand the true meaning of statistical significance and how to determine when it has been reached
Become A Master
After this webinar, you will be equipped with the skills  needed to crush your competition

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About The Hosts

Andrew Browne
Co-Founder of Splitly
Ervin Ong
Splitly Product Manager


Andrew is the co-founder of Splitly, a software developer and Amazon Private Label seller from Ireland. He spends his days working on Splitly, the only product listing optimization software.

Ervin is an experience private label Amazon seller who enjoys learning and implementing the latest tips, tricks and strategies about all-things Amazon. When not working on Amazon, he enjoys cycling and plans on dominating the world through his cat @hellojonsnow