Amazon Split Testing Software

Crush your FBA competition with

Crush you FBA competition with automated split tests.

Find Your Optimum Pricing

  • Maximize profit by finding the ideal price for your product and niche.
  • Test how pricing affects your rankings and conversions.
  • Track total revenue increases due to split tests.

Test Your Copy

  • Splitly is the only way to test images and text on Amazon.
  • Upload multiple images, titles and descriptions and run automated tests.
  • Discover the most profitable copy and increase your conversions and profits.

Boost Sales and Revenue

  • Split test your way to the top and overtake your competitors.
  • Generate more sales and revenue for your business.
  • Optimise your product listing to appeal to your most profitable customers.
ADDITIONAL sales generated through A/B tests with Splitly

    I was shocked when a simple main image test increased my sales from an average of 11/day to 14/day. That may not sound like much but that results in over $4,000 extra in profit put into my pocket each year. Since sales on Amazon vary from day to day and week to week so much, I would never of known the true winner without doing the proper A/B test through Splitly.      

Scott Voelker – The Amazing Seller

Run The Experiment

Our software periodically updates your product listings, rotating through your variants. Sit back and let us do the hard work.

So… how does it work?

Upload Variants

Start with your original copy and make adjustments, such as varying the price, features, images or description for all your products.

Find A Winner

We pull reports directly from your seller account and determine a statistically significant winner – and you make more sales!





Per MonthRegular Price –$497

50% OFF



Per MonthRegular Price –$97

50% OFF



Per MonthRegular Price –$47

50% OFF



The bottom line is that your products are not optimized for maximum sales.

Are you sure your primary image performs best? How do you know your pricing is correct? Maybe you should reduce the price a little bit to increase conversions, without eating into your profit margin. Or maybe you should increase your prices. Unless you test, you just don’t know.

We run tests until we find a winner that satisfies your preset confidence level. We calculate the statistical significance for each variant – ensuring all tests are conclusive and accurate.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure of accurate A/B Amazon split test results, including analyzing your historical data. More details can be found here.